Market dynamics have shifted. With increased competition among credit unions and major auto financiers are now battling for fewer high quality, low risk borrowers. With these updated scenarios, automobile lenders must use most precise tools available. AutoLoan can help you maximize each opportunity for credit risk management, manage your accounts, identify early stage delinquencies and boost recovery rates. That’s why top Auto Finance organizations rely on the power of AutoLoan.

Nyros found that the Auto Financiers worldwide who concentrate on strengthening 5 key areas of agency management will most quickly develop and implement winning data-driven strategies:

  • Increased visibility and control.
  • Better segmentation.
  • Improved management reporting.
  • Increased automation.
  • Enhanced exception handling.

Thus, AutoLoan came into existence. AutoLoan drives superior predictive analytics that controls risk at every stage of auto credit life cycle and are an essential component of effective collections, recovery strategy and smarter business decisions.

Ideal Businesses

You need Nyros AutoLoan, if:

  • You own a Small/Medium/Large Scale Automobile Finance Stores in India.
  • You are an Automobile Finance Service Provider.
  • You are an Automobile Finance Dealer.
  • You run multiple Automobile Finance Franchises.
Fact: AutoLoan fits perfectly for Automobiles of 2/3/4-wheelers!


  • Audit Expenses
  • Camp Charges Entry
  • Cashbook
  • Party Credits Report
  • Rto Trans Report



  • Automobile Finance Stores
  • Automobile Finance Dealers
  • Automobile Finance Service Providers


  • Internet Access
  • Personal Computer Systems


  • Business Apps > Automobile


  • Dec 05, 2011

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