Our Services


Simple Interfaces with Sure Stuff are a specialty at Nyros. We focus on skin & features equally, as only when both are proportioned, they make great projects. Apart from just tapping keys, Nyros Design team keep their mindsets & creative skills ever-recharged, by making sure to give a new energizing look often to our work place. Cheers to our Designers, they really are a power team full of brilliant colors keeping our stress level’s lower & at ease!


With the number of business, design & technology solutions we could create over the years gave us a complete insight on business strategies. We now pride ourselves in being able to help our clients realize their vision in early stages and apply strong strategies for a bigger picture.


Now, here is a (not a hush-hush) secret! Nyros originally started with this Dynamic 10 sized PHP team, of which few are still with the Big N and few farewell’d…but the knowledge kept entangled and roused stronger. PHP Nyrosians adore Rasmus for his creativity at script and love to contribute to this giant open source library. Whatever, a Framework or a core build, our PHP’sians makes it simple for users with a mix of latest JQuery compo’s & or the tremulous Ajax. Our experts care fellow-php’iers and take time to give a quick reply to any questions posted at our forum www.phpexpertsforum.com.

Our expertise starts from an interesting content scraper to a rich multi-combo app of Ecommerce, Social Networking, Forum, Video/ Audio Sharing & More!


The raising language of 90’s hit Nyros with that powerful Object Oriented Approach. Nyros passion for technology urged on introducing its team to this new wing of development over objects. What we loved about Ruby is its design that makes things possible faster which means a quicker access to our client’s vision. Rails which made Ruby a celebrity, was our chosen framework. This Serene Scaffolder team has their own ways of organizing projects into big pictures and our clients loved it for having them on rails. As any other team at Nyros, our Ruby experts answer at our forum to fellow-Ruby’iers www.rorexperts.com.

Our expertise started from a very basic loan program to a great CRM app extension that is ruling market on a boom.


This Microsoft’s framework or rather a software application virtual machine made its dot in software industry with its huge Base Class library and supporting development environment Visual Studio. With this security & simplified deployment analogy, we can make amazing desktop, intranet and internet products/ solutions on large scale at a striking development speed. For most solutions that demands consistent data & memory management, Nyros looks at our Interoperable Dot Net team who do magic at R & D – the Research and Development. We could by now helped lots of our local as well as International industrial clients who in turn shared immense happiness with our Dot’ies team solutions. Our team also traveled a lot on conducting workshops at our clients manufacturing units to do learn-how sessions on solution process. Our renowned team still do great at answering fellow .Net’iers in www.dotnetexpertsforum.com.

Our expertise started itself with a very huge US based Taxation Company to a whole set of multiple solutions like Travel Management System, Finance Management System, Booking System +M to our Ideal Business Icon at SB Solutions in India. Supply Chain Management Solution to Fisheries Organization headquartered at steel city Vishakapatnam, India is worth mentionable.


Let it be the Android or the iOS, we take pleasure; see fun & excitement in developing mobile apps that can stand out bright in Android Market and Apple’s App Store! Though very recently we fire flied into leaving our footprint in the smart (phone) market, Nyros amongst the huge community could add few remarkable apps https://market.android.com/developer?pub=Nyros+Technologies and more for mobile versions of websites those we latest did. Here’s one for a CRM system: http://itunes.apple.com/br/app/paperclip-crm/id401021349?mt=8 .

Our developers’ fantasy for this little smart world pushed them over for more next gen apps that are at the moment on papers, & which will be coming up soon to strike the markets!


Search Engine Marketing is an ethical science of internet for Nyros than just a mechanical process. Nyros SEM Professionals have a special flair on picturing a product high amid others for Search Engines as well as making it handy for that targeted audience.

For our in-house projects, we never forget to take care of those simple things that search engines get hook of, from Day 1 of development. When it comes to SEM projects, for our clients, it is like giving us the plain cake and we do all the décor along with icing! Daily Fruits will also be reported and the Final Recipe will be promisingly recognized and ranked high!


Apart from our web and mobile works, we experience bona fide professional enjoyment when our clients could use and seek help in real time from the solutions we make. There comes the evolution of Nyros Market!

Fortunately, our expertise did not stick to just one Industry. We could build numerous solutions to various industries with positive feedbacks that leaded to numerous team parties, we couldn’t miss!